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This is Penelope's story, so the biography really belongs to her. Penny is a strong-willed, independent woman, true to her Irish temperament, who grew up in upstate New York and relocated to the more equable climate of the Bay Area, California, when she was 23. We were both coming out of our first marriages when I met and fell in love with this tall, beautiful woman 42 years ago. I was a young lawyer and Penny was just starting to climb the tech-industry ladder in the infant days of Silicon Valley. We married and soon had two boys, who have grown into fine men of whom we are extremely proud. Penny and I are different is so many ways, but have found through the years how perfectly complementary those differences are. She is a master gardener, an artist, an interior designer, a community volunteer and, until her retirement 12 years ago, did all of these things while being a high tech manager and wonderful wife and mother. She has been my best friend, my lover, my social and business partner, my traveling companion, my fellow old-movie lover...so many things that complete me, as she feels I complete her. It was into this wonderful life that the C-bomb dropped just three months ago. But the matter-of-fact way she has handled the experience is totally in keeping with her personality, and is the inspiration for me as I try my best to be a loving guide through a journey that neither of us ever contemplated.

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July 15, 2019

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Gallbladder Cancer

April 8, 2019

Stage 4


4 rounds (8 sessions) as of 7/13/19; serious weight loss and fatigue


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